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Ecological Gardening Services

Ecosystem Gardening is much more than a collection of plants. It's a community of plants, birds, pollinators, and other wildlife (including those in the soil, water, and air) that work together to form a cohesive, balanced system. And your healthy garden can contribute to the health of the environment around you.

Eco-gardening is the practise of gardening sustainably, drawing inspiration from
nature. It means considering the interactions taking place between the various living elements of the garden: the soil, plants, water... while it encourages the presence of living elements that we consider useful, such as garden allies.

The ultimate goal for the ecological gardener is a beautiful garden that provides year-round interest, supports local wildlife, absorbs and filters rainwater, and improves air quality.

Services Include:

1. Creating healthy organic soils that provide all the nutrition plants require

2. Ecological surveys

3. Recycling organic waste through composting to using organic mulch for your garden

4. Gardening in a changing climate - understanding your garden as a living system

5. Advice on dealing with pests and diseases organically

6. Sound rainwater collection and use

7. Increasing biodiversity by creating a variety of habitats for insects, birds and all wildlife

8. Wildflower meadow creation

9. Woodland management

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